About Us


The Commercial market always seeks new digital experiences that can communicate their message across to consumers leaving a memorable mark. Modern tendencies shows that successful advertisement are those often wrapped as entertainment. Virtual Reality can offer these new types of experiences for the audiences to feel immersed in another reality and story.



 MANND is a company focusing on the innovation of live action virtual reality flirting with new media storytelling and physical installations. Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Signe Ungermand and Maria Herholdt Engermann seeks new and creative VR projects within the borders of art, commercial and learning aspects with focus on immersive storytelling. We create uniquely customized VR experiences for the individuel clients. 

Vision & Mission

We find ourselves in the exciting age of immersive media pioneers and regard ourselves as part of the herd targeting virtual reality. We wish to rethink, develop and challenge the use and understanding of cinematic VR in order to create the next era of film experiences and consumption.



MANND is founded by two Danish filmmakers Signe Ungermand and Maria Herholdt Engermann, who has a degree in Arts of Film and Transmedia. Having spent the past few years focusing on new media storytelling and specially VR, we have now interconnected our combined knowledge and inspirations. This has led us to a starting point to further develop our framework within VR experiences.


Our Core


Maria Herholdt Engermann
Maria Herholdt Engermann

Founder & VR Experience Designer

I like to spend my money on adventures and I can't help it but I cry to almost every film.

Signe Ungermand
Signe Ungermand

Founder & VR Technical Artist

I’m a complete meme addict and my favorite T-shirt is covered in Moms Spaghetti lyrics.