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First aid training for teachers
Børneliv is an organisation that puts children's’ lives before anything else. They needed a tool for which they could help train teachers in first aid in hope of preventing deaths amongst children in schools. Together with Kanda ApS, MANND produced a three-part 360 VR experience consisting of three 360 films, each with a different storyline: cramp seizures, breathing difficulties and a heart attack. In each film, a teacher demonstrates the right way handling the situation with limited resources. The three teachers are played by three recognized Danish actors: Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Thure Lindhardt and Bodil Jørgensen.

TV Lorry Video
TV2 Lorry about 'Børneliv'
TV2 Lorry dropped by one of our shooting days to hear more about the project. Take a look and hear about the initiative from Morten Schroder founder of Børneliv and Thure Lindhardts experience with acting in 360 films. (DANISH film).
Or read about the project here in TV2 Lorrys article.