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Directed by Francesco Carrozzini

‘X-Ray Fashion’ is a cinematic VR documentary that tells the darker story of garment production within the fast-fashion industry. As an audience, you are invited on a journey to see and feel every aspect of the fashion supply chain; from the glamorous catwalk shows in New York to the inside of a sweatshop in India, standing eye-to-eye with the workers who makes our clothes. The experience is a combination of interactive CGI environments, functioning as transitions, and a various of live-action 360 scenes. These are implemented within a physical installation where the audience walks through the different stages of fast fashion, feeling physical effects throughout, such as changing terrain, wind, heat and water. With physical effects applied, the goal is to put the audiences in the shoes of the supply chain to make them experience a deep state of presence within the piece and take the message to heart. This experience hopes to be an eye-opener, a conversation starter and hopefully the beginning of a changed consumer mindset.

“X-Ray Fashion” is created by MANND directed and narrated by Francesco Carrozzini, an italian born fashion photographer. Produced by Connect4Climate – World Bank Group and Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions with the support of Alcantara, a certified Carbon Neutral company. VR experience design by Molamil and 3D sound design by AWE.