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Professional 360 VR & Stitching

We offer solutions from idea development to production, post production and distribution. We have all the necessary equipment and competences to produce professional 360 films in 8K using Insta360 Pro as well as point-of-view solutions with Samsung 360 cameras with spatial audio.

We also offer stitching solutions for the footage you have captured in order to retouch the stitch errors that may have occurred, working in Mistika VR and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Interactive VR experiences

We offer CGI (computer-generated imagery) productions in a responsive VR environment that bring content to life via a head mount and controllers. We have specialized employees that create the magic in Unity Pro.
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AR Content

We offer AR experiences customized for small interactive plots that can be viewed from easy-accessible devices such as tablets and mobile devices.
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Lecturing & Workshops

We offer lecturing, mentoring and workshops within VR and production. For these assignments, we strive towards building customized sessions for the audience. Previous clients are of both national and international origin: Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA), Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole (DMJX), Film & Transmedia (VIA University College), TechHub Riga and Luxembourg Film Festival.
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Renting equipment

If you are interested in recording your own 360 live action content, we rent out an Insta360 Pro 8K camera. Included in the package is: 1 x Insta360 Pro 8K in hard case, 4 x batteries, 1 x dual charger, 1 x 128GB SD card, tripod. Price per day: 2000,00 DKK excl. VAT.

We rent out a HTC Vive head mount, controllers and sensors with matching tripods so you can play around with VR games and experiences. Price per day: 350,00 DKK excl. VAT.

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Creative Installations

Do you dream of being a pioneer of tomorrow’s brand experiences or VR entertainment? From our experience with installations and observations, VR can be much more than what is seen within the head mount. Possibilities of blending elements from gaming, immersive theater and physical effects allows for a deeper state of presence and contributes to unique experiences.

Add a bit of wind, light touches or a tickle down by the feet. Installations can work wonders on people in VR to feel even more immersed, and we would love to help guide you in this direction.