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Our mission at MANND is to rethink, develop and challenge the use and understanding of immersive media in order to create the next era of branded content, film and shared experiences.
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MANND is founded by two Danish filmmakers; Signe Ungermand and Maria Herholdt Engermann, who have degrees in Arts of Film and Transmedia. Based in Aarhus, Denmark, we are a company seeking to create new, creative VR projects within the scope of art and commercial use. We are a production house offering different services and production solutions from idea generation, production, post production and distribution.

Our portfolio is a hybrid of films and installations created in-house for both artistic exploration and commercial distribution. We create uniquely customized VR experiences for each individual client and have all the necessary equipment, resources and competences needed to produce content for live-action and interactive computer-generated VR experiences.

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Signe 1000x1000

Signe Ungermand

VR Technical Producer

"I’m a complete meme addict and my favorite T-shirt is covered in Moms Spaghetti lyrics."
+45 26 33 84 18
Maria 1000x1000

Maria Herholdt Engermann

VR Experience Designer &
Unity Developer

"I like to spend my money on adventures and I can't help it but I cry to almost every film."
+45 22 24 13 88